Right on the Money

  • Broker rate sharing program (where allowed by law)
  • No charge for reinstatement
  • No charge for ACH payments
  • No charge for online e-checks or check-by-fax payments
  • Credit card payments up to $5,000 for only $8.95
  • Fee for debit card payments for a low $3.85
  • Cash payments at CVS, 7-Eleven, Family Dollar & ACE Cash Express

Simplifying Payments for You and Your Insureds

A competitive rate, a low down payment and monthly installments — and a choice of convenient payment methods — make insurance more affordable and give your insureds greater control of their cash flow.

Payment Options

Pay by Mail – Mail money order or check made out to “The Premins Company” with a payment coupon to our office at 1407 Avenue M, Brooklyn, N.Y. 11230

Pay Online – Make a payment with a checking/savings account (any amount) or with a credit/debit card (up to $5,000) at Preminsco.com. Bank information can be stored for future payments. We also offer autobill payments that will automatically debit bank accounts on the insured’s due date

Pay by Phone – Call our automated system at 1-877-309-8287 to make a credit/debit card payment up to $5,000, 24 hours a day. A $8.95 or $3.85 processing fee is charged for credit or debit card payments, respectively.

Check by Email/Fax – Email or fax a check, attached to our signed form, to info@premins.com or 1-718-376-8330. A form can be obtained by calling 1-718-375-8300 or by visiting premins.com/fax.

Login Instructions

To log in, please locate your pink coupon that arrived in the mail. Use the picture below as a guide.

User ID

Your "User ID" is the first six digits of your account number. In the example shown below, the User ID is "123456".


Your password is the last three digits of your Account number, followed by your ZIP code.
The password in the example below is "AAA11111"(Note: Do NOT include any spaces in the password).